In winter driving do your windshield wipers ever get clogged with snow and ice so much that they do not wipe properly? The loss in visibility is hazardous and can be overcome! We offer two products to help you see when the weather delilvers its icy blast, The Shaker™ Wiper Deicer and Everblades® Heated Windshield Wiper Blades.

When activated by the driver, The Shaker vibrates the wiper blades against the windshield, knocking frozen debris off the blades and thus enabling the rubber to stay in contact with the windshield.  Clear visibility is quickly restored!  How it does this is with a motorized eccentric mounted on each wiper arm. This small action imitates what people often do to remove bebris, slapping the blade aginst the windshield.  It is compatible with all wiper blades.

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One storm will convince of the benefits of "THE HOT ONES".
  • Never again be blinded by iced-up, frozen wiper blades!
  • "Go in the snow" with greater safety, comfort and peace of mind!
  • Consistent, reliable, ice-free wiper blade performance!
  • Convenient! Flip a switch to keep your wiper blades de-iced!
  • Backed up by a no-hassle, 12 month guarantee!
  • Made in the USA!

Everblades® are the first successfully proven, heated windshield wiper blades - a better winter wiper blade solution! They have been "trucker-tested" and proven in Sierra Nevada snowstorms, Great Plains blizzards, and in the Midwest where 200-300" of snow fall annually. "The Hot Ones" eliminate drivers’ worry, frustration and stress caused by wiper blade icing.

Everblades® electrically heat the blade to prevent ice and snow build-up. The specially developed, extremely durable rubber blade compound wipes windshields exceptionally clean both winter and summer. The calibrated heating elements are sealed inside Everblades®, reaching temperatures of 150º to 190º F.  This is enough to prevent ice from accumulating on the blades, even at -40º!

Everblades® are easily installed using common tools. All wires are terminated at the factory.  An illuminated, dash-mounted on/off switch is supplied with the installation kit.

Everblades® need not be removed during warm weather. The same properties that enable them to withstand the temperatures generated by the heating element provide superior wiping performance all year long with or without heat.

Everblades® refills are available and are installed much the same as any other wiper blade.

Now available with an optional Heated Frame Kit. This add-on kit keeps the wiper frame (or bridge) clear of ice.

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